UM/UWC Faculty Exchange Program Awards Announced

Professor Priscilla Baker and Dr. Ashwil Klein of the University of the Western Cape (UWC) in Cape Town, South Africa and Professor Katina Bitsicas and Dr. Candace Kuby of the University of Missouri have been chosen for the UM/UWC Faculty Exchange Program. The University of Missouri South African Education Program (UMSAEP) Committee selects outstanding faculty from both universities who propose a collaborative research project in an exchange program typically lasting from two weeks to one month.

Professor Baker is a Senior Professor in the Department of Chemistry and SARChI (South African Research Chairs Initiative) Chair in Analytical Systems and Processes for Priority and Emerging Contaminants (ASPPEC). Her host is Dr. Timothy Glass, Professor and Chair of Chemistry at MU.

Dr. Klein is manager of the Proteomics Research and Service Unit and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology. His host will be Dr. Walter Gassmann, Interim Director, Bond Life Sciences Center and Professor of Plant Sciences.

Professor Bitsicas is Director of Digital Storytelling and Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Studies. Her host will be Cherith Sanger, a Lecturer in Criminal Justice and Procedure at the University of the Western Cape.

Dr. Candace Kuby is Department Chair and Associate Professor in Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum and Director of Qualitative Inquiry. Professor Vivienne Bozalek, Director of Teaching and Learning at the University of the Western Cape, will be her host.

As a condition of the UMSAEP award, faculty participating in the exchange must submit a written report of the outcomes of their project. It will be provided to the UMSAEP Committee and to UWC as well as posted on the website.

The UMSAEP was established in 1986 and more than 600 faculty have participated in the UM/UWC Faculty Exchange Program in over 40 academic disciplines. Read more about the history of the UMSAEP program and testimonials from previous participants in the exchange program: