Mergers, Consolidations, Name Changes, Creation of New Departments/Schools, Colleges

Steps to create new departments, mergers, consolidations and name changes:

  1. The divisional dean forwards request and justification to the Office of the Provost.
    1. The justification should include information about the faculty input into the decision for merger/consolidation or creation of a new department.
    2. The programmatic direction and organizational structure also should be included in the justification.
  2. A decision will be made by the provost and chancellor.

The steps to create a new school/college

  1. The steps would be the same as above for department changes plus the approval of the Board of Curators is required.
  2. Once the request is received by the Office of the Provost, it will be reviewed with the chancellor.
  3. The chancellor will transmit the request with a recommendation to the president’s office for review and submission to the Board of Curators for approval.

Past procedure

In 2004 a procedure was adopted for approval of mergers and consolidations of academic units (departments), creation of new departments and department name changes.

The process included presidential approval for creation of a new department. Presidential approval is no longer required.

Once changes are approved by the chancellor, the decisions will be forwarded to the MU president and vice president for academic affairs for informational purposes.

The revised steps above were outlined in a letter to deans and department chairs on June 28, 2011.