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Fellows Program

The University of Missouri’s Office of the Provost and Division of Research, Innovation & Impact are pleased to announce a new internal funding opportunity available for both tenure-track and non-tenure track arts and humanities faculty.  

This two-year research and creative works support program aims to create structures, supports, and mentoring for early and mid-career faculty members who engage in the arts and humanities. Eligible faculty include TT and NTT faculty in the arts and humanities. In the case of NTT faculty, their primary workload for evaluation must be in research. Participants will receive a stipend for a course release and/or other research and creative works support needs. The program also will provide an external mentor, spaces for writing retreats, support for grant writing, and panels and discussion forums on topics pertinent to arts and humanities scholars. The cohort will meet for two years with monthly meetings during the academic year organized by the Office of the Provost and Division of Research, Innovation and Impact.

Applying for the 2025-2027 Cohort

Eligibility: Tenured, tenure-track, and ranked non-tenure track faculty in the arts and humanities, with an earned doctorate (or the discipline’s highest earned terminal degree; e.g., MFA) at the level of assistant professor and above. 

Commitment: By accepting an award, faculty commit to participating in a cohort-based support program consisting of three meetings per semester for the two-year program duration. Faculty members will propose a scholarly project(s) they aim to focus on during the two-year cohort (e.g., art exhibition, manuscript submission, etc.) and connect this project to the budget rationale for the cohort funding. In addition, upon completion of their projects, awarded faculty are expected to 1) submit a proposal for Research Council funding (early career scholars) or external funding (mid-career scholars) by the end of the two-year program and 2) serve as peer reviewer on behalf of the Division of RII for one proposal, paper, or creative work.

Selected participants are expected to participate in at least 85% of the cohort activities & meetings. 

Faculty are limited to one submission per cycle, one investigator per submission

Maximum Funding Amount: $12,500.

Funding Duration: Two years, beginning August 1, 2025.

Submission Deadline: Apply online by January 20, 2025.

Announcement: Accepted applicants will be notified by March 15, 2025. 

To apply for the 2025-2027 Cohort, click here.

Application Requirements (submitted as 1 PDF file)

  1. Statement of Interest – why would you like to participate in the Arts and Humanities Research and Creative Works Fellows Program (250 word max)
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. A Letter of support from your department chair or center director.  The letter should articulate specific support provided for the applicant and knowledge of their program goals and budgetary plans.
  4. A summary of your research and/or creative works project detailing your 2-year project and what funding sources you are exploring to submit an application to before the cohort program ends (2 pages max)
    • Provide a summary of the research and/or creative works project including description of the project goals, activities, and how the requested funds will help you accomplish your goals. In addition, as noted above, articulate initial plans for submitting a proposal for a research council grant (early career fellows) or externally funded grant (mid-career fellows) [the two-year program will help you to refine your grant idea and proposal]. Provide a timeline of project activities including anticipated course release if applicable.
  5. A budget outline and narrative for the 2-year project (not to exceed $12,500).  Funding can be used for research travel, hourly pay of students, course release, summer funding, and/or equipment.  Funding needs to be discussed with your department chair/supervisor prior to submitting the application. (2 pages max)
  6. A statement on other related support, both internal and external, related to the proposed project (1 page max)


Applicants can request up to $12,500 total for the two-year period. All expenditures must comply with University of Missouri policy such as travel per diem and mileage rates. Course release can be requested at a cost of no more than $7,500/course (faculty member are responsible to talk with their department chairs on what a minimum cost is for a teaching replacement for one course in their department as they work on the budget; if you are proposing less than $7,500 for a course release the department chair needs to approve the amount in their letter as part of this application). Applicants requesting course release funds must

  • Schedule the course release in cooperation with their department chair (due to teaching replacement needs & availability, the course buyout might not be possible until year two of the cohort, please consult with your department in planning this out). Anticipated course release dates should be included in the narrative and budget.
  • A second course release may be requested with remaining funds when evidence of departmental supplemental support to cover the total course release expense is submitted with the application. 

Other appropriate use of funds may include but are not limited to:

  • Summer stipend
  • Hourly student support
  • Supplies/materials used in the development of a creative work
  • Travel funds
  • Shipping fees to exhibit creative works 

Applicants must provide a detailed budget including

  • Total amount requested (not to exceed $12,500 for the two years).
  • Detailed breakdown of expenses and which semesters for anticipated use during the 2024-2026 school years

Click here to view a list of program participants.

For questions about the program, please contact Brooke Hartman ( in the Provost’s Office or Christie Terry in the Office of Research, Innovation, & Impact (