Chancellor’s Professorships for Retiring Faculty

Chancellor’s Professorships may be awarded by the Provost to retiring faculty members in recognition of meritorious contributions to their departments and the university.


Appointee must meet the following criteria:

  • Will have relinquished his/her tenured faculty position (retired) at time of appointment;
  • Be at least 62 years of age and have at least five years of service at the University;
  • Has indicated the desire to be appointed with the title Chancellor’s Professor following retirement from the university; and
  • Has agreed to the terms of the appointment.


The department promotion and tenure committee, department chair, and dean will each provide a recommendation regarding a Chancellor’s Professorship appointment. The Provost will make a final decision on the appointment after consideration of these recommendations.


Appointees to Chancellor’s Professorships shall be members of the faculty as non-regular faculty without tenure. Their names shall appear as members of the university faculty. The Chancellor’s Professors will generally have an assignment of teaching, research, and/or service in the appropriate college or school. In special circumstances the assignment may be in another campus unit.

Chancellor’s Professors will:

  • Have email, phone and computer support;
  • Have access to parking, library, and athletics facilities commensurate with tenured faculty;
  • Be eligible for travel funds (if available) at the discretion of the applicable department chair or dean;
  • Receive office space appropriate to their assignments;
  • Receive compensation as negotiated with the applicable dean up to the limits specified below;
  • Be appointed in a part-time position. In most cases, the appointment will be no more than 25% FTE, with the appointee earning no more than 25% of the appointee’s final academic year salary. In the case of exceptional needs of the university, the appointment may be increased to 50% FTE, with the appointee earning no more than 50% of his or her final academic year salary.
  • Be eligible for term appointments. The usual appointment period is one year. In the case of exceptional needs of the university, an extended appointment period may be considered. No individual term appointment may exceed three years in length. Appointments may be renewed.

How to Apply

Complete the application form and forward the form along with curriculum vitae or resume to the departmental promotion and tenure committee.

Department sends the completed application packet to