Faculty Insight

Faculty Insight supports faculty researchers as a search tool that enables scholars to find experts at their institution and nationally. In addition to helping scholars discover subject matter experts, Faculty Insight provides funding opportunities specifically targeted to their academic histories. Scholars may edit their own profiles by adding or removing key terms and phrases.

Faculty are able to view their Academic Analytics data in Faculty Insight.  You can read more about how to review data and alert Academic Analytics of inaccuracies.

The University of Missouri System is committed to ensuring that Academic Analytics has the most accurate data for our faculty. This commitment includes both allowing faculty to individually see their data and to work with Academic Analytics if any inaccuracies are found to correct the database.  Faculty may follow the below outlined process in order to update inaccuracies.

  1. Faculty may submit updates to their chair at any point in time using this form.
  2. The chair will submit one combined monthly report to ummuiea@umsystem.edu with requested updates from their faculty by the 15th of every month.
  3. These reports will be combined for the campus and submitted to Academic Analytics on a monthly basis.