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What is MizzouForward?

MizzouForward is a transformational effort to strengthen innovation in research disciplines that will move the needle in the university’s work to improve lives around the world—and it all begins with the right people. This first-of-its-kind initiative starts with an investment in up to 150 new world-class faculty hires over the next five years.

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We're seeking exceptional faculty to move MizzouForward

Move your research forward

We’re seeking applications and nominations for outstanding faculty candidates, and we need your help.

A successful MizzouForward candidate is a research leader with a passion for collaboration and the grit to address our world’s most pressing research challenges. The colleagues we’re looking to recruit possess:

  • A proven track record of active, external research funding, particularly from federal agencies
  • A research agenda that complements the goals of MizzouForward
  • A robust publication and citation record
  • National awards and honors, membership with national academies
  • An interdisciplinary scope of work

If you’re interested in learning more, or if you know an exceptional investigator who can help us address national health, scientific and social priority areas through innovation and collaboration; we want to hear from you. Faculty ready to move MizzouForward should apply now.

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Priority Areas

MizzouForward faculty recruitment will occur in three high-priority areas that will help us hone our research efforts, tackle grand challenges, align to institutional strengths and reach top-rank university status.

NextGen Precision Health

We’re seeking exceptional faculty to move MizzouForward in national health and scientific priority areas identified and related to our new Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building. To further interdisciplinary collaboration, the university will focus on several areas of research.

New Frontiers in Science, Engineering, and Technologies

MizzouForward faculty will move the needle to meet grand challenges in science, engineering and technologies. To help support this effort, the university will focus on several areas of research.

Innovations in Social Science, Humanities, and the Arts

MizzouForward faculty will help advance innovation and address access in health and education and beyond. To help support this effort, the university will focus on several areas of research.

Interdisciplinary Materials Science


  • Carrie Nicholson – Mizzou Forward Project Manager, Senior Director Provost Office
  • Anna Wiedermann – HR Director – Strategic Recruitment