Chairs’ Council 2023-2024

Office of the Provost Liaison: Associate Provost Alexandra Socarides

Appointment Terms: Staggered, three year terms, each term from September 1 through August 31 of the following year

2023-2024 Chairs’ Council Representatives

A&S: Jung Ha-Brookshire (term expires 2026)
Business: Anthony Ross (term expires 2025)
CAFNR: Patrick Market (term expires 2024)
Education & Human Development: Brenda Lohman (term expires 2026)
Engineering: Syed Islam (term expires 2024)
Journalism: Jon Stemmle (term expires 2026)
Law: Ben Trachtenberg (term expires 2024)
Libraries: Council Chair Christina (Chris) Pryor (term expires 2025)
Medicine: Michael Chapman (term expires 2024)
Nursing: Miriam Butler (term expires 2024)
Health Sciences: Aaron Thompson (term expires 2025)
Vet Med: Doug Bowles (term expires 2024)