myVITA is a web-based faculty activity reporting system that allows faculty members at all UM System campuses to report on their research, teaching, service, scholarship and creative works. All tenured, tenure-track, and ranked non-tenure-track are evaluated in myVITA.

The faculty evaluation process is initiated mid-December through February and concludes no later than June 1 of each year. Every school/college determine their own specific operational timeline to work through the evaluation cycle. The timelines chosen by each college are accessible below.

Faculty evaluations are a mandate of the University of Missouri Collected Rules and Regulations, specifically addressing faculty evaluations are CRRs: 310.015, 310.080 and 310.035. According to CRR 310.015, the performance of all tenured faculty, untenured tenure track faculty, and non-tenure track faculty is reviewed annually by the appropriate unit supervisor.  MU does this annual review in the myVita system. This is a two-step, required process: (1) the self-report gives faculty members the opportunity to provide comprehensive information on their contributions in research, teaching, service, and administration and (2) the supervisor’s review assesses the faculty member’s self-report and provides feedback and guidance.

The first step is for faculty to review and enter information into the Profile and Activities section of myVITA for the period for which they are being evaluated.

Check your college timeline (below) to ensure your ability to comply with overall campus completion mandate. Also visit same site for college myVITA instruction materials.

SAVE – SAVE – SAVE your work!
myVITA times out every 60 minutes. Save any work you have done before moving to a new activity or closing out of myVITA. The SAVE button is at the bottom of activity records, self-reports, and all sections where faculty can update data in myVITA.

Complete required documents needed for annual report.

Faculty Member
Review and update your MU Activity Report. Provide end dates to activities that are no longer ongoing and add information that is not yet in myVITA (How to run a MU Activity Report instructions). myVITA will reflect information that is entered by the faculty member. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to review, update and ensure accuracy of their myVITA record.

College Dean/Department Chair/Director
The evaluator will view the annual activities for the faculty member’s previous calendar year in the MU Activity Report. The MU Activity Report pulls the information that is available in the Profile and Activities sections of myVITA (How to administer evaluations for chairs, directors, deans).

College Support Coordinator
This role serves as the college/school-level resource for myVITA questions and support. Each unit is in control of their own faculty evaluation. Therefore, you should talk to your school or college coordinator who may have the most specific information for your specific unit. For additional support you may email the resource account above.

In 2021-22 and 2022-23, faculty were encouraged to complete a self reflection on their teaching. Beginning in 2023-24, faculty will be required to do this. There are some units where, if faculty are not teaching, this is not applicable.

Over the course of the academic year, units are asked to incorporate the teaching self reflection as part of their annual review process. A section on “Teaching Self Reflection” appears in the myVITA annual self evaluation. Faculty can fill out the self reflection form at any point in the year. Please do not leave the open evaluation in myVITA to complete this form and return. myVITA times out at 50 minutes of an idle session. You will lose your work within the evaluation if myVITA times out, and we have no ability to regenerate it.

The Qualtrics link at the top of the page allows access to the teaching self reflection document. For a stable copy of all of the prompts in the Qualtrics form, please click here. After submitting the form, faculty will instantaneously receive an email from Cathleen Wood with a link to download a PDF of their completed self reflection. This should be attached to the corresponding course in the Activities Section in myVITA. Please name the file “lastname_course dept and number_selfreflection”.

In order to support chairs as they read and respond to these self reflections in the annual reviews of faculty, we have developed guidance for Chairs reviewing teaching self reflections.

College/School myVITA Coordinators

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Jess Orsini

College of Arts & Science

Andrew Longley

Trulaske College of Business

Amy Dews

Education and Human Development

Jasmine Lopez

Mizzou Engineering

Jenne Parker

Univ of MO Extension

Kim Shettlesworth

College of Health Sciences

Kimberly Jones-Jackson

Missouri School of Journalism

Leslie Patrie

School of Law

Monique Prince


Crystal Schilling

School of Medicine

Shari Ackerman

School of Nursing

Linda Huether

Veterinary Medicine

Megan Wilkinson