Provost Great Books Program

Post-tenure faculty who have an advance contract (or strong letter of interest from a publisher or editor) to publish a book can apply for teaching release for one semester to complete the book.  (A book is defined as a monograph, edited volume, textbook, etc. with an ISBN. It does not include: self-published books, new editions, or conference proceedings.)

Applicants should submit in one PDF document:

  • A cover letter (please include a short description of the book, a timeline for completion, the contribution it will make to your field, and the number of course releases requested and a rationale for the release),
  • The advance contact or letter of interest from the publisher,
  • A short letter of support from the department chair or dean (this should include support and rationale for the number of course releases requested to write the book), and
  • A CV

Send the PDF of required items to Associate Provost Candace Kuby with subject line “Provost Book Support Program” by March 15 (for teaching release in fall) or September 1 (for teaching release in spring).

If granted, the Provost’s Office will provide the department with $7,500 per course for teaching replacement, for up to two course releases (total of $15,000) to the department.