Faculty Hiring

For guidelines and procedures regarding the recruitment and selection of faculty, please consult this Handbook.

All colleagues who serve on search committees for academic/faculty, academic administrator, or executive searches need to complete this required training annually. This training is designed to provide strategic and tactical advice to search committees when it comes to recruiting colleagues to the university and focuses on best and common practices in recruiting broadly, while ensuring compliance with university rules and regulations and bias mitigation.

Please find specific instructions to review the training in Canvas here.

If you have a disability defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, 600.080 Policy Related to Employees with Disabilities, requiring specific accommodations to complete this training, please contact the Learning and Organizational Development team at learningdevelopment@umsystem.edu

A complete course transcript is available here.

All hiring forms can be found here.

Please consult the “Guide to Faculty Recruitment” from the Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity.

The Faculty Inclusive Engagement Fund (FIEF) is an initiative of the Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity and the Office of the Provost. In line with IDE’s mission to integrate diversity in all its dimensions throughout the university, FIEF’s primary purpose is to provide incentive funding for colleges and departments to actively recruit, support and retain the most highly qualified and diverse pool of tenured and tenure-track faculty. Please consult the types of funding and proposal funding.

Faculty Retention

While retention offers are primarily the responsibility of the academic unit, there are certain circumstances under which the Provost’s Office can provide short-term support to make a retention offer possible. Provost retention funds can be requested for a maximum period of two years, after which the academic unit is responsible for these funds.

If you would like to request short-term support for a retention offer, please provide:

  • Faculty member’s name and rank
  • The amount of funds being requested and what they will be used for (i.e. raise, summer salary, research funds)
  • A summary of the faculty member’s successful track record of contributing to MU’s strategic priorities (student success; research and creative works; engagement and outreach; inclusive excellence)
  • An explanation of how and why a retention offer will help at this moment
  • What the academic unit is contributing to the retention offer

Please email all requests to Associate Provost Alex Socarides, socaridesa@missouri.edu.