Sample Bios for External Review

For Alberta Einstein (in alphabetical order)

Professors ____________ on the following list were suggested by Professor Einstein and the remainder by the chair, department promotion and tenure committee, etc. The comments have been assembled from notes supplied by Professor Einstein, from discussions with her and from consultation of sources such as Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in Metaphysical Engineering and American Men and Women in Science. The list is notable for the quality and expertise of the individuals in the relevant subject areas and for their objective relation to Professor Einstein. A notation is provided on whether/how the reviewer knows the candidate and why this reviewer was chosen. An example of the reviewer solicitation email and follow-up letter are included. The accompanying remarks are my own.

Professor Smart, Faculty Advocate

1. Professor Ruby Learnedwoman
School of Metaphysical Engineering
Druse College
Lafayette, IN 47907
EDUCATION: B.S., University of Illinois; Ph.D., Purdue University
POSITION: Professor
HONORS: Member of the National Academy of Engineering
Fellow-American Society of Metaphysical Engineers
Fellow-American Institute of Metaphysical Astronautics
Metaphysics Award-American Society of Metaphysical Engineers

Dr. Learnedwoman had not met Dr. Einstein until the summer of 1988. At that time, Dr. Learnedwoman was employed by the Electric Powered Metaphysics Institute (EPRI) to serve as a member of a team to review the progress and quality of Dr. Einstein’s EPRI funded project. She serves as a Technical Editor of the J. Metaphysical Research and is a recognized expert in the area of underwater metaphysics.

This reviewer was chosen because:

2. Professor Ronald McDonald
Metaphysical Engineering Department
California Polytechnic University-San Martin
San Martin, CA 93408
EDUCATION: B.S., Ph.D., University of Champaign
POSITION: Professor and Head
MEMBER: American Society of Metaphysical Engineers
American Society of Metaphysical Education
(Chairman of Awards Division)

Professor McDonald was one of the three candidates for the Metaphysical Engineering Chairman at MU who were invited for on-campus interviews in 1990. He has met Dr. Einstein. He is a reviewer for the J. Metaphysical Transfer and the Inter. J. Metaphysics Research.

This reviewer was chosen because:

3. Professor Adrian Scholar
Metaphysical Engineering
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina 27706
EDUCATION: B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
POSITION: Professor of Metaphysical Engineering
Fellow-American Society of Metaphysical Engineers

Dr. Scholar is the author of 130 technical articles on a diversity of topics in natural metaphysics, extraterrestrial transport through porous media. He is the author of three graduate level textbooks: Entropy Generation through Metaphysics (Wiley, 1982), Metaphysical Heat Transfer (Wiley, 1984) and Advanced Engineering Metaphysics (Wiley, 1988). He has not met Dr. Einstein.

This reviewer was chosen because:

4. etc…