Fall 2021 Schedule

Dear Mizzou community,

With early registration approaching in March, we have had to make some important decisions about how to schedule our courses for the fall semester. When registering for fall classes, students will see that there will be more face-to-face classes on the schedule and that classroom capacities will be back to pre-pandemic levels.

If the public health situation is such that these changes are not possible, we will revert to a plan that looks more like the 20-21 academic year course schedule. We are confident in our ability to both plan ahead and remain flexible.

The summer schedule will remain unchanged from the current course formats and classroom capacities, and we will continue to implement all current health and safety measures to keep our community safe.

We hope that as the situation improves, we can move toward returning campus operations and campus life to what they were prior to the onset of COVID.

As always, thank you for your hard work, your commitment and understanding.

Latha Ramchand, PhD

Provost &

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs