Faculty Welcome Back Webinar

The Office of the Provost held a Faculty Welcome Back Online Webinar on Monday, August 16, 2021. We discussed some of the issues regarding the effects of COVID on our students, our policies, and our classroom space. The three presentations included information about student mental health, issues of disabilities and accommodations, and changes to classroom technology and teaching. This webinar also provided faculty with the information on supports (including follow-up sessions on these topics) that they need going forward into the fall semester. Below you will find a list of the presenters during the webinar. Thank you to all of them for preparing the rich content that was shared with you all.

Webinar Recording 


Jordan Booker, Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences

Christy Hutton, Director, Wellness Resources Center

Julie Elman, Associate Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies

Ashley Brickley, Director, Disability Center

Heather Hunt, Associate Professor, Engineering & E-Learning Strategic Initiatives Fellow

Tori Mondelli, Director, Teaching for Learning Center