The initiatives below are ongoing MU projects that are housed (either fully or in collaboration with another unit) in the Provost’s Office.

Faculty Workload Review

In Fall 2020, the Office of the Provost convened a task force to recommend university-level guidance on workload expectations. This task force included representation from members of Faculty Council, Teaching for Learning Center, the Office of Research and Economic Development, The Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, and the Office of Extension and Engagement. The recommendations of this University Workload Expectations Task Force on expectations for faculty workload in each area of teaching, research, and service, provide guidance on a university standard for all workload policies, while recognizing the disciplinary diversity that must be reflected in unit level policies. This document provides a set of guiding principles to frame these discussions, resources to guide the review, and a timeline for this process.

Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Survey

The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is an ongoing study of faculty job satisfaction coordinated and administered by Harvard University. COACHE strives to place actionable information in the hands of participating colleges and universities to improve work life for faculty. COACHE administers an annual survey and provides each participating institution with a formal Provost’s Report containing both internal and external comparative analyses highlighting each institution’s strengths and opportunities for improvement. The University of Missouri Office of Institutional Research and Quality Improvement has used this data to create reports specific to each school and college.

MU’s most recent COACHE survey was administered in Spring 2022. Provost Ramchand convened the COACHE Survey Faculty Job Satisfaction Committee to analyze data from the survey and issue a report. Go to the COACHE page to see the past COACHE Results and Information.

Exit Interviews

Beginning in 2021, the Provost’s Office will be doing optional exit interviews with all tenure-line faculty who decide to leave the University. The purpose of this initiative is to better understand why faculty are leaving MU and what we can be doing better to retain them. Please contact Candace Kuby, Associate Provost for Faculty Success ( for more information.

Mizzou Allocation Process

The goal of the University of Missouri’s resource allocation model (also known as RAM) is to ensure good stewardship of resources  to further the University’s teaching, research, and service missions. The RAM provides the information and incentives necessary for sound decisions about revenues and costs. This is critical if the University is to compete successfully in a dynamic higher education environment. In addition, the processes associated with the model must be clear, transparent, and understandable. This summary provides the latest information on the model and the committees’ analyses and findings. It also provides historical context on the model’s evolution.

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Historical Documents

Strategic Plan

As a comprehensive research university, we are privileged to extend our research, learning, engagement and economic development beyond our campus. Our mission starts here but our impact is global. Our plan embodies our commitment to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the larger community. In this commitment is our recognition that while we are the University of Missouri, we are really the University for Missouri. To see the details of the Strategic Plan, click here.