Annual Reviews in myVITA

Annual Reviews for Faculty

All tenured, tenure-track, and ranked non-tenure-track are being evaluated in myVITA. Below are instructions for being evaluated in myVITA. Different guidelines and forms may be utilized by different colleges.

Important Note: Save, Save, Save

Please be sure to save any work you have done before moving to a new activity or closing out of myVITA. The SAVE button is at the bottom of activity records, self-report forms, and all sections where faculty can update data in myVITA.

The first step is for faculty to review and enter information into the Profile and Activities section of myVITA for the period for which they are being evaluated. This time period may also differ by college. Please see the table below for timelines and windows for which faculty will be evaluated for annual review. As the annual review processes are confirmed for each school or college, the information will be added to the interactive tool below.

A dean/chair/director views the annual activities for the previous calendar year in the MU Activity Report. The MU Acitivity Report pulls the information that is available in the Profile and Activities sections of myVITA. The document below provides directions on how to run an MU Activity Report for the previous calendar year. A faculty member should review this report and 1) update information that should no longer be included and 2) add information that is not yet in myVITA.

PDF – View MU Activity Report and update info in myVITA Activities

Annual Evaluation Processes

Each school or college has similar steps for the annual evaluation but may use different forms. For the timelines and help documents with samples of the forms for each step, select your college below. The names of the steps link to documents that walk you through each step. 

In addition, the following document will walk chairs, deans, and directors through the process they will use to manage evaluations.

Managing Evaluations in myVITA for Chairs, Directors, and Deans