The Huddle

(Please Note: The Huddle has become Connection. Please see information about Connection here.)

The Huddle offers a semi-structured, regular gathering opportunity for junior faculty (TT and NTT) so that they can gain wisdom and advice from a diverse group of senior and retired faculty on issues and topics of special concern to faculty of color. Junior faculty set goals at the beginning of their time in The Huddle, and challenges and problems are brought back to The Huddle for collective brainstorming, trouble-shooting, and problem-solving. In addition to providing practical tips and tools, The Huddle offers a communal space on campus where faculty can cultivate a sense of belonging for faculty of color.

This program is in its second year, and has expanded as interest has grown. In its current version, The Huddle consists of 35 junior faculty and 10 senior faculty. In order to facilitate meaningful dialogue and interaction, we offer an array of mini-Huddles on topics from “Promotion and Tenure” to “Navigating Racism and Sexism in the Academy” to “Work/Life Balance,” and Huddle members can opt into these according to their needs. Huddle members are also offered the opportunity of one-on-one academic coaching sessions with a coach from the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD).

For questions about The Huddle, please contact Candace Kuby ( or Maurice Gipson ( Candace and Maurice, with input from past Huddlers, are working to launch the next iteration of The Huddle as a joint effort between the Office of the Provost and Division of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity.