Maxine Christopher Shutz Award and Lecture for Distinguished Teaching


As a result of the generosity of the late Byron T. and Maxine Christopher Shutz, an endowment was established in 1982 to recognize distinguished teachers from the Columbia campus. The award will be presented to a faculty member who has demonstrated extra efforts to involve undergraduates in active learning experiences and to personalize the undergraduate experience of students.

The Maxine Christopher Shutz award was given every two years from 1997-2003, and will now be awarded every year.


The award is in the amount of $2,000, less applicable taxes. In addition to the monetary award, the recipient will be required to deliver a public address following a dinner in his or her honor.


Open to all full-time faculty throughout the Columbia campus.


Faculty colleagues, departments, schools/colleges or recognized campus organizations may nominate individuals.

Do not place nomination materials in a hard binder. The length of the nomination materials is not of primary importance because the final choice will be based on convincing evidence.

Nomination materials will not be returned; therefore, the department chair should retain a copy of nomination materials for possible future use. Unsuccessful nominations may be updated and resubmitted in successive years.

Nomination materials should include:

  1. Submission Requirements Form
  2. Nomination/Cover Letter
    • Describe the characteristics of the nominee that serve to justify his/her being recognized.
  3. Supporting letters from five university faculty
  4. Nominee’s personal philosophy of teaching statement, explicitly outlining his/her instructional goals, instructional strategies and methods of bringing current research into the instructional process. Statement should not exceed five double-spaced pages.
  5. List of courses taught during the preceding five years
  6. Summarizations of student teaching evaluations (Do not include copies of individual student or course forms/sheets.)
  7. Student testimonials (limited to five) from current or former students that address effectiveness, uniqueness and general quality of teaching
  8. Nominee’s curriculum vitae


Annual Deadline:  January 15 (due the following business day when falls on a weekend or holiday)

Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by the Divisional Dean, who may establish an earlier deadline. Submit an electronic version as a single PDF attachment via email to Name the file as follows: YearShutz_LastFirst (e.g., 2024Shutz_TigerTruman). Original hard copies of the proposal packet are no longer required.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Past Recipients

2023 Pamela Brown, Biological Sciences
2022 Karthik Panchanathan, Anthropology
2021 Jeimmie Nevalga, KOMU
2020 Julie Elman, Women’s & Gender Studies
2019 Elizabeth Brixey, Journalism Professions
2018 Keona Ervin, History
2017 Neil Minturn, Music
2016 Laurie Kingsley, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
2015 Leigh Neier, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
2014 Thomas E. Phillips, Biological Sciences
2013 Ilyana Karthas, History
2012 Kathy Unrath, Learning Teaching & Curriculum
2011 Erica Lembke, Special Education
2010 Vitor Trindade, Economics
2009 Peter Motavalli, Soil, Environmental & Atmospheric Sciences
2008 Michael Smith, Animal Sciences
2007 Alan Strathman, Psychological Sciences
2006 Carol Anderson, History
2005 Renata Maiorino, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
2004 Albert Devlin, English
2003 Patricia D. Crown, Art History & Archaeology
2001 Michael J. Porter, Communication
1999 John Galliher, Sociology
1997 No awardee
1996 Roy Fox, Curriculum and Instruction
1995 James Carrel, Biological Sciences
1994 Allen Bluedorn, Management
1993 Costanza Cuccaro, Music
1992 John Faaborg, Biological Sciences
1991 David Leuthold, Political Science
1990 Joel A. Hartman, Rural Sociology
1989 William B. Bondeson, Philosophy
1988 David J. Loschky, Economics
1987 Robert M. Collins, History
1986 Joseph A. Silvoso, Accountancy
1985 William “Mac” Jones, Jr., English
1984 John Kuhlman, Economics (D)