William T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence


The University of Missouri has been named as a beneficiary under a charitable trust established by William T. Kemper. The funds contributed by this trust are used to recognize the importance of teaching excellence to the success of the university by honoring MU faculty who have demonstrated outstanding teaching abilities.


Each year five outstanding MU teachers will be recognized with a $15,000 award.


Full-time faculty who have completed a minimum of three years (as of Sept. 1, 2024) as a tenured, tenure track or non-tenure track position at MU may be nominated. The award is intended to honor and reward MU faculty who have demonstrated outstanding teaching ability. For this award, teaching is considered in its broadest sense. Teaching is defined to include advising and covers work with students at any level (undergraduate, graduate and professional) and in a wide variety of settings in which instructional activity occurs at a comprehensive university (in the classroom, in the laboratory and on the stage; through advising and mentoring students and guiding research; and through outreach activities).

Review Period

The review committee will limit the evaluation of the nominee’s teaching records to the preceding five years.

  • Year one: Fall 2019, Spring 2020 and Summer 2021
  • Year five: Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 (You may include Fall 2024 in Year five if information is available.)

Nominations & Submissions

Annual Deadline:  January 8 (due the following business day when falls on a weekend or holiday)

Faculty colleagues, departments, schools/colleges or recognized campus organizations may nominate individuals. Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by the Divisional Dean, who may establish an earlier deadline.

Please submit an electronic version as a single PDF attachment via email to MUProvostAwards@missouri.edu. Name the file as follows: YearKemper_LastFirst (e.g., 2025Kemper_TigerTruman). No hard copies required. Department chairs should retain a copy of nomination materials for possible future use, as unsuccessful nominations may be updated and resubmitted in successive years.

Submissions should follow the format specified below and should include the materials in the order in which they appear below.

Format: 12 pt font, 1” margins, single space within paragraphs

Nomination materials should include:

  1. Submission Requirements Form
  2. Nomination/Cover Letter. Letter should be limited to two pages.
  3. Supporting letters (limited to five) from nominee’s chair and/or dean, colleagues, staff members, and students (current or former).
  4. Nominee’s personal philosophy of teaching statement, explicitly outlining instructional goals, instructional strategies, and methods of bringing current research into the instructional process. Statement should be limited to three pages.
  5. List of courses taught and the number of students in each, as well as other instructional and advising activities during the preceding five years.
  6. Data from two or more instruments that evaluate instructional activity. For example, student evaluations of teaching, peer observations of teaching, results of assessment of student learning, or other relevant methods of evaluation. Do not include copies of individual student or course forms/sheets. If including student evaluations of teaching, please use the  Student Feedback on Teaching Chart (for all courses taught before Fall 2023). Also, please use this Student Feedback on Teaching Chart (for all courses taught beginning Fall 2023). Data for courses taught beginning Fall 2023 should come directly from the Construct Mean table on the Feedback on Instruction and Course form.
  7. Nominee’s curriculum vitae, with a focus on the last five years.

Please contact us at MUProvostAwards@missouri.edu with any questions.

Recipients of the William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence

2024Nicole Campione-Barr, Psychological Science
Jason Furrer, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Seth Howes, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Amy Knopp, School of Music
Chris Prestigiacomo, Accountancy
2023Christopher Josey, Communication
Lea Ann Lowery, Occupational Therapy
Lee Manion, English
S. David Mitchell, Law
Margaret “Beth” Whitaker, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
2022Christopher Baines, Veterinary Medicine
Lisa Bauer, Psychological Science
Elizabeth “Liz” Brixey, Journalism Professions
James “Jim” Noble, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Eric Parsons, Economics
2021Sheri-Marie Harrison, English
Heather Hunt, Biological Engineering
Laurie Kingsley, Learning Teaching & Curriculum
Antoinette Landor, Human Development & Family Science
Martha Steffens, Journalism Studies
2020Daryl L. Smith, Management
Craig Kluever, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Miriam Barquero-Molina, Geological Sciences
Libby Cowgill, Anthropology
Angie Zapata, Learning Teaching & Curriculum
2019Botswana Blackburn, Health Science
Jennifer Fellabaum-Toston, Ed Leadership & Policy Analysis
Donald Meyer, Marketing
Peter Motavalli, Soil Nutrient Management
Brian Silvey, Music Education
2018Carrie Duncan, Religous Studies
Shelly Rodgers, Journalism
Ray Ronci, English
David Schulz, Biological Sciences
Carlos Sun, Civil & Environmental Engineering
2017Billie Cunningham, Accountancy
Jung Ha-Brookshire, Textile & Apparel Management
Thom Lambert, Law
Michael Podgursky, Economics
Stacey Woelfel, Journalism
2016Mary Beck, Law
Sarah Bush, Biological Sciences
Robert O’Connell, Engineering
Earnest L Perry, Jr., Journalism
Alexandra Socarides, English
2015Elisa Glick, English
Rachel Harper, Learning Center/Honors College
Berkley Hudson, Journalism
Nicole Monnier, German & Russian Studies
Trista Strauch, Animal Sciences
2014John Bennett, Trulaske College of Business
Ann Harrell, Music
Jeff Krug, Physical Therapy
Leigh Neier, Education
Bryon Wiegand, Animal Sciences
2013Betsy Baker, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
Cheryl Black, Theatre
Tim Evans, Toxicology, Veterinary Pathobiology
Bill Horner, Political Science
Angela Speck, Physics and Astronomy
2012Joanna Hearne, English
Paul Crabb, Music
Carol Deakyne, Chemistry
Ines Segert, Psychological Sciences
Stephen Ball, HES Extension
2011Elizabeth Chang, English
Deborah Hanuscin, Science Education/Physics
Michael McKean, Journalism
Etti Naveh-Benjamin, Psychological Sciences
Bethany Stone, Biological Sciences
2010Michael Barnes, Classical Studies
Srinath Gopalakrishna, Marketing
Anand Prahlad, English
Gregory Triplett, Engineering
Michael Ugarte, Romance Languages and Literatures
2009Kyle Gibson, Physical Therapy
Mary Beth Marrs, Business
Mitchell McKinney, Communication
Jennifer Rowe, Journalism
Robert Torres, Ag Education
2008Wayne Brekhus, Sociology
Anand Chandrasekhar, Biological Sciences
Dorina Kosztin, Physics & Astronomy
Tony Lupo, Atmospheric Science
Robert Terry, Agriculture Education
2007Fran Arbaugh, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum
Lois Huneycutt, History
R. Wilson Freyermuth, Law
Lynda Kraxberger, Journalism
Frank Schmidt, Biochemistry
2006Stephen Easton, Law
Joan Hermsen, Sociology
William Kerwin, English
Paul Miceli, Physics
Thomas Phillips, Biological Sciences
2005John Bullion, History
Glen Good, Educational, School and Counseling Psychology
Mary Grigsby, Rural Sociology
Jana Hawley, Textile and Apparel Management
Richard Meadows, Veterinary Medicine
Joshua Millspaugh, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
Dorina Mitrea, Mathematics
Amanda Rose, Psychological Sciences
Hani Salim, Civil and Environmental Engineering
John Schneller, Journalism
2004Mary Kay Blakeley, Journalism
Suzanne Burgoyne, Theatre
Bryan Garton, Agricultural Education
Mary Ann Gowdy, Horticulture
Robin Hurst-March, Biological Sciences
Neil Minturn, Music
Margaret Olsen, Spanish
Charlotte Phillips, Biochemistry
Lawrence Ries, Statistics
Nancy West, English
2003Charles M. Borduin, Psychological Sciences
Thomas J. Crowe, Industrial/Mfg Systems Engineering
Jan L. Dauve, Agricultural Economics
Deborah L. Huelsbergen, Art
Steven W. Keller, Chemistry
Lawrence Okamura, History
Patricia Okker, English
Stephen G. Pallardy, Forestry
Don P. Ranly, Journalism
Barbara P. Wallach, Classical Studies
2002Cheryl L. Bausler, Nursing
Cynthia Frisby, Advertising
Loukas Grafakos, Mathematics
Norman Gysbers, Educational and Counseling Psychology
John S. Howe, Finance
Kannappan Palaniappan, Computer Engineering and Computer Science
James S. (Sandy) Rikoon, Rural Sociology
Carsten Strathausen, German
Louise Thai, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Laurel E. Wilson, Textile and Apparel Management
2001Carol E. Anderson, History
Brian L. Frappier, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Timothy W. Lyons, Geological Sciences
Laurie B. Mintz, Educational and Counseling Psychology
Thomas V. Quirk, English
Paulette Saab, Mathematics
James N. Spain, Animal Science
Daniel B. Turban, Management
Xinghe Wang, Economics
Carol V. Ward, Anthropology
2000Barbara Bank, Sociology
Michael Budds, Music
Joseph Cavanaugh, Statistics
David Emerich, Biochemistry
Yuri Latushkin, Mathematics
S. Priscilla Lemone, Nursing
Karen Multon, Educational & Counseling Psychology
Robert Pushaw, Law
Alan Strathman, Psychology
Gerald Summers, Biological Sciences
1999Vairam Arunachalam, Accountancy
Rex Campbell, Rural Sociology
Michael Diamond, Public Administration
Thomas DiLorenzo, Psychology
Mary J. Heppner, Educational & Counseling Psychology
Michael Kramer, Communication
Geta LeSeur, English & Women Studies
Ira Papick, Mathematics
David Schenker, Classical Studies
David Wakefield, History
1998Nakhle Asmar, Mathematics
Nathaniel Brickens, Music
Michelle Cecil, Law
Robert Collins, History
Karen Cone, Biological Sciences
Jeffre Firman, Animal Sciences
Roy Fox, Curriculum and Instruction
M. Kay Libbus, Nursing
James Wall, Management
Lee (Lillian) Wilkins, Broadcast News
1997William Bondeson, Philosophy and Family & Community Medicine
Peter Casazza, Mathematics
Meera Chandrasekhar, Physics and Astronomy
Larry Kantner, Art Education
Inder Khurana, Accountancy
Kerby Miller, History
Helen Neville, Psychology and Black Studies
Michael Porter, Communication
Benyamin Schwarz, Environmental Design
James Westbrook, Law
1996John Beem, Mathematics
Martin Camargo, English
Donald Doll, Internal Medicine
Joel Hartman, Rural Sociology
Craig Israelsen, Consumer and Family Economics
Thomas W. Miller, Finance
David C. Rayl, Music
Sandra Davidson Scott, Journalism
Susan Taylor, Nursing
Birol Yesilada, Political Science
1995Guy Adams, Public Administration
Pamela Benoit, Communication
Allen Bluedorn, Management
Nanette Laughrey, Law
Peter Markie, Philosophy
Joel Maruniak, Biological Sciences
Michael Smith, Animal Sciences
Dorothy Watson, Education
Steven Watts, History
Flore Zephir, French and Education
1994Elaine A. Backus, Entomology
Tom Freeman, Geological Sciences
Jean A. Hamilton, Textile and Apparel Management
Joseph Hobbs, Geography
Elaine Lawless, English
Keith B. Roys, Sr., Parks, Recreation and Tourism
Steven L. Stockham, Veterinary Pathology
Earl R. Wilson, Accountancy
Gail Baker Woods, Advertising
F. Tim Wright, Statistics
1993John E. Adams, Chemistry
Dale G. Blevins, Agronomy
James E. Carrel, Biological Sciences
Paul Chun-Ho Chan, Chemical Engineering
Puncky Paul Heppner, Psychology
Susan D. Jordan, Finance
Michael K. Misfeldt, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Ana M. Rueda, Romance Languages
Mark R. Ryan, Natural Resources
Wendy L. Sims, Music and Music Education
1992Everett Aronson, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
Thomas Dougherty, Management
John Faaborg, Biological Sciences
William Henning, Law
Cerry Klein, Industrial Engineering
Stephen Matthews, Agricultural Economics
Loren Nikolai, Accountancy
Catherine Parke, English
Clyde Ruffin, Theatre
Oliver Schuchard, Art
1991Jean Allman, History
Wayne Anderson, Psychology
Douglas Grouws, Curriculum and Instruction
Richard Hardy, Political Science
Ed Kaiser, Chemistry
Ron Morrow, Animal Sciences
Ezio Moscatelli, Biochemistry
Mary Jo Muratore, Romance Languages
William B. Wagner, Marketing
David Wollersheim, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering