Provost’s Award for Creative Extension Programming by New Faculty


To recognize faculty with a current (at least 25 percent) extension assignment who have made exceptional accomplishments in their first four years of service to MU (Year one: Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020 through year four: Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Summer 2023) in the field of extension or continuing education. Individuals with service dates prior to Sept. 1, 2019, will be considered to have more than four years of service and are ineligible to receive this award.


The award is in the amount of $1,000, less applicable taxes.


Faculty colleagues, departments, schools/colleges, or recognized campus organizations may nominate individuals.

Do not place nomination materials in a hard binder. The length of the nomination materials is not of primary importance because the final choice will be based on convincing evidence. Nomination materials will not be returned; therefore, the department chair should retain a copy of nomination materials for possible future use. Unsuccessful nominations may be updated and resubmitted in successive years.

Nomination materials should include:

  1. Submission Requirements Form
  2. Nomination/Cover Letter
    • Describe the impact of the nominee’s extension and continuing education activity or activities that qualify the candidate for nomination.
  3. Supporting letters (limited to five) from clientele served, colleagues, students and peers
  4. Nominee’s curriculum vitae


Annual Deadline:  January 15 (due the following business day when falls on a weekend or holiday)

Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by the Divisional Dean, who may establish an earlier deadline. Submit an electronic version as a single PDF attachment via email to Name the file as follows: YearProvExtnProg_LastFirst (e.g., 2024ProvExtnProgyler_TigerTruman). Original hard copies of the proposal packet are no longer required.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Past Recipients

2024Alan Spell, Applied Social Sciences
2023Tanner Adkins, East Central Region – Youth
2022Tamra Reall, Urban West Region – ANR
2022Jordan Thomas, Animal Sciences
2021Sarah Wolters, Urban West Region – Youth
2020Sarah Low, Applied Social Sciences
2019No Nominations submitted
2018No Nominations submitted
2017No Nominations submitted
2016Jared Decker, Animal Sciences
2015No award
2014No award
2013G. Lee Miller, Plant Sciences
2012David Schramm, Human Environmental Sciences Extension
2011William “Justin” Sexten, Animal Sciences
2010Robert Weaber, State Extension Beef Genetics Specialist
2009Sarah Hultine, Dent County Community Development Specialist
2008No award given in 2008
2007Stephen Ball, Human Environmental Sciences
2006Kevin Bradley, Agronomy
2005No Nominations Submitted
2004Richard Houseman, Plant Sciences
2002Lewis W. Jett, Plant Sciences
2001Robert L. Kallenbach, Agronomy
2000Timothy J. Safranski, Animal Sciences
1999Sara Gable, Human Development and Family Studies
1998Carol Bozworth, Consumer and Family Economics
1997Lynn Pike, Human Development and Family Studies
1996Susan K. Henson, Textile & Apparel Management
and Mark D. Newcomb, Animal Sciences
1995Karen B. DeBord, Human Development and Family Studies
1994Linda Butterfield Cupp, Extension Teaching
1993James Spain, Animal Sciences
1992No Award
1991Carol Mertensmeyer, 4-H Youth Development
1990Ronald Bates, Animal Sciences
Michelle K. Merfeld, Family Economics and Management
1989Mary McPhail Gray, Human Development and Family Studies
1988Jack C. Whittier, Animal Sciences