Curators’ Distinguished Professorships


During the upcoming year the chancellor may recommend an outstanding faculty member for this honor. These are prestigious positions, and only outstanding scholars with established reputations will be considered for appointment.


Faculty colleagues, departments, schools/colleges, or recognized campus organizations may nominate individuals.

Do not place nomination materials in a hard binder. The length of the nomination materials is not of primary importance because the final choice will be based on convincing evidence. Nomination materials will not be returned; therefore, the department chair should retain a copy of nomination materials for possible future use. Unsuccessful nominations may be updated and resubmitted in successive years.

Nomination materials should include:

  1. Nomination  Checklist
  2. Executive Summary-must be submitted as a Word document
  3. Nomination/Cover Letter-submit as one pdf document
    • A two to three page statement prepared by the nominee or a colleague that identifies the primary contributions of the individual and provides a perspective so that non experts in the field might understand the significant importance of the work (this statement is particularly helpful to the committee in reviewing the nominations).
  4. Evaluations of candidate’s work by others knowledgeable in the field
  5. Examples (limited to two or three) of nominee’s finest work.
  6. Nominee’s curriculum vitae

All candidates selected for a Curators’ Distinguished Professor appointment after January 2005 will be appointed for a period of five years. Each five-year appointment may be renewed at the discretion of the chancellor. There is no limit to the number of extensions a Curators’ Distinguished Professor may be granted. The duration of the appointment for all Curators’ Distinguished Professors appointed prior to January 2005 is not term limited.

Please refer to the University of Missouri System Faculty Awards & Recognition relating to Curators’ Distinguished Professorships for more details.


Annual Deadline: March 1 (due the following business day when falls on a weekend or holiday)

Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by the Divisional Dean, who may establish an earlier deadline. Submit an electronic version as a single Word document (Executive Summary) and a single PDF (Nomination Packet) via email to Name applications as follows: YearCDP_LastFirst (e.g., 2022CDP_TigerTruman). Original hard copies of the proposal packet are no longer required.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Past Recipients

See past Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor recipients.

Effective 09/01/2020 Frank O. Bowman, III, Law
Noah Heringman, English
Timothy (Tim) Lewis, Special Education
Yuwen Zhang, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Effective 09/01/2019 Keith Herman, Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology
Alexander Koldobsky, Mathematics
J. Chris Pires, Biological Sciences
Robert E. Sharp, Plant Sciences
Wendy S. Slutske, Psychological Sciences
Arthur G. Suits, Chemistry
Effective 09/2018 Cheryl Black, Theatre
Shi-Jie Chen, Physics & Astronomy
Michael Davis, Medical Pharmacology & Physiology
Thomas Spencer, Animal Science
Effective 09/2017 Juanamaria Cordones Cook, Romance Languages
Steven S. Segal, Medical Pharmacology & Physiology
David J. Singh, Physics
Effective 10/2016 Scott Cairns, English
David Pintel, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Christopher K. Wikle, Statistics
Effective 9/2015 Henry T. Nguyen, Plant Sciences
Kennon M. Sheldon, Psychological Sciences
Gary Weisman, Biochemistry
Effective 9/2014 Gary Stacey, Plant Sciences
John C. Walker, Biological Sciences
Carol V. Ward, Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
Effective 9/2013 Judy Wall, Biochemistry
Ian Worthington, History
Laura King, Psychological Sciences
Effective 10/2012 Nancy Flournoy, Statistics (Emeritus)
Gerald Hazelbauer, Biochemistry, CAFNR/Medicine
John R. Jones, Fisheries and Wildlife (Emeritus)
Mian Liu, Geological Sciences
Effective 7/2011 Peter Casazza, Mathematics
Barbara Reys, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum (Emerita)
Jerry Taylor, Animal Sciences
Timothy Trull, Psychological Sciences
Effective 9/10 Fred Hawthorne, Radiology & Nanomedicine Center
Marilyn Rantz, Nursing (Emeritus)
Effective 1/2010 Puncky Paul Heppner, Education (Emeritus)
David H. Jonassen, Education (D)
Igor E. Verbitsky, Mathematics
Paul Weirich, Philosophy
Effective 1/2009 James Birchler, Biological Sciences
M. Lynne Cooper, Psychological Sciences
Kattesh V. Katti, Radiology
Effective 2007 Norman Gysbers, Education (Emeritus)
Kerby Miller, History
Frederick vom Saal, Biological Sciences (Emeritus)
Sashi Satpathy, Physics & Astronomy
Effective 9/1/06 Sandra Abell, Learning, Teaching and Curriculum and Biological Sciences (D)
James Keller, Electrical and Computer Engineering
M. Harold Laughlin, Veterinary Medicine (Emeritus)
Randall Prather, Reproductive Biology
A. Mark Smith, History
Giovanni Vignale, Physics and Astronomy
Effective 9/1/05 Marilyn Coleman, Human Development and Family Studies (Emeritus)
David Geary, Psychological Sciences
Effective 9/1/04 Nelson Cowan, Psychological Sciences
Jere Francis, Accountancy
Bina Gupta, Philosophy (Emeritus)
Steven Hofmann, Mathematics
Raymond D. Semlitsch, Biological Sciences (D)
Effective 9/1/03 Jonathan Sperber, History
Betty Winfield, Journalism (Emeritus)
Effective 1/1/02 Steven “Dale” Cutkosky, Mathematics
Lizette Peterson-Homer, Psychological Sciences (D)
Robert Reys, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum (Mathematics Education)
Sherod Santos, English
Effective 9/1/00 George P. Smith, Biological Sciences (Emeritus)
Kenneth J. Sher, Psychological Sciences
Wynn A. Volkert, Radiology
Effective 1/1/99 Jerry Atwood, Chemistry
Effective 1/1/98 John Miles Foley, English and Classical Studies (D)
Effective 9/1/96 R. Michael Roberts, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, and Veterinary Pathobiology
Effective 9/1/95 Nigel J. Kalton, Mathematics (D)
Effective 9/1/94 H. Carl Gerhardt, Biological Sciences (Emeritus)
Effective 9/1/93 Gordon C. Sharp, Medicine (Emeritus)
Samuel A. Werner, Physics (Emeritus)
Effective 9/1/92 Russell G. Geen, Psychology (Emeritus)
Effective 9/1/91 William A. Berry, Art (Emeritus) (D)
Effective 9/1/90 Richard Finkelstein, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (Emeritus)
Allen Thiher, Romance Languages and Literatures
Effective 9/1/89 Curtis J. Nelson, Agronomy (Emeritus)
Sudarshan K. Loyalka, Nuclear Engineering
Donald Kausler, Psychology (Emeritus) (D)
Joseph E. Wagner, Veterinary Pathology (Emeritus) (D)
Effective 9/1/88 Karl D. Nolph, Medicine (Emeritus)
Noble E. Cunningham, Jr., History (Emeritus) (D)
Effective 8/1/79 Gerald Perkoff, Family and Community Medicine (Emeritus) (D)
Effective 7/1/70 Howard Hopps, Pathology (Emeritus) (D)