William H. Byler Distinguished Professor Award


This award was established in 1978 by Dr. William H. Byler, senior vice president for research, U.S. Radium Corp., for recognition of outstanding abilities, performance and character.


The award is in the amount of $3,000, less applicable taxes.


Open to all full-time faculty throughout the MU campus


Faculty colleagues, departments, schools/colleges or recognized campus organizations may nominate individuals.

Do not place nomination materials in a hard binder. The length of the nomination materials is not of primary importance because the final choice will be based on convincing evidence. Nomination materials will not be returned; therefore, the department chair should retain a copy of nomination materials for possible future use. Unsuccessful nominations may be updated and resubmitted in successive years.

Nomination materials should include:

  1. Submission Requirements Form
  2. Nomination/Cover Letter
    • Describe how the nominee meets the criteria of outstanding abilities, performance and character.
  3. Supporting letters (limited to five) must include opinions of prominent people in the nominee’s discipline, within or outside the university.
  4. Nominee’s personal philosophy of teaching statement.
  5. Nominee’s curriculum vitae.


Annual Deadline:  January 15 (due the following business day when falls on a weekend or holiday)

Nominations and supporting materials must be submitted by the divisional dean, who may establish an earlier deadline. Submit an electronic version as a single PDF attachment via email to MUProvostAwards@missouri.edu. Name the file as follows: YearByler_LastFirst (e.g., 2024Byler_TigerTruman). Original hard copies of the proposal packet are no longer required.

Please contact us at MUProvostAwards@missouri.edu with any questions.

Past Recipients

  • 2024 Melissa Stormont, Special Education
  • 2023 Rafael Gely, Law
  • 2022 Rex Cocroft, Biological Science
  • 2021 Keith Herman, Educational, School & Counseling Psychology
  • 2020 Erica Lembke, Special Education
  • 2019 Michael Budds, Music
  • 2018 Jamie Flink, Strategic Communication
  • 2017 Donald Burke-Aguero, Life Science
  • 2016 Janine Stichter, Special Education
  • 2015 R. Lee Lyman, Anthropology
  • 2014 Theodore Koditschek, History
  • 2013 Stephen Anderson, Soil, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences
  • 2012 Josephine Stealey, Art
  • 2011 Carol Gilles, Learning, Teaching & Curriculum
  • 2010 Ian Worthington, History
  • 2009 Paul Weirich, Philosophy
  • 2008 Bede Clarke, Art
  • 2007 Richard Robinson, Learning, Teaching, & Curriculum
  • 2006 J. David Robertson, Chemistry
  • 2005 Rebecca Johnson, Nursing
  • 2004 Timothy Materer, English
  • 2003 Grace Y. Sun, Biochemistry and Pathology & Anatomical Sciences (joint appt)
  • 2002 James Wall, Management
  • 2001 Leonard Riskin, Law
  • 2000 Greeley A. Kyle, Broadcast-News
  • 1999 Howard Fulweiler, English and Judy Wall, Biochemistry
  • 1998 John Kultgen, Philosophy
  • 1997 Karl D. Nolph, Internal Medicine
  • 1996 James D. Atwater, Journalism and Charles Timberlake, History
  • 1995 Kim S. Wise, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
  • 1994 Arvarh Strickland, History (D)
  • 1993 Douglas Randall, Biochemistry
  • 1992 Carla R. Waal, Theatre
  • 1991 W. Raymond Wood, Anthropology
  • 1990 Abraham Eisenstark, Biological Sciences
  • 1989 William A. Berry, Art (D)
  • 1988 Joye Patterson, Journalism and Philip Hung-Sun Jen, Biological Sciences
  • 1987 Susan L. Flader, History
  • 1986 Donald Kausler, Psychology (D) and Ben F. Nelms, Curriculum and Instruction
  • 1985 Thomas Alexander, History (D) and Sudarshan K. Loyalka, Nuclear Engineering
  • 1984 Richard G. Hoft, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • 1983 Billy N. Day, Animal Sciences and Richard A. Watson, Political Science
  • 1982 Lawrence T. Rugolo, Art
  • 1981 Arthur Kalleberg, Political Science (D)
  • 1980 Noble E. Cunningham, History (D)
  • 1979 John R. Roberts, English