Resource Allocation Model Committee


Make recommendations to the Chancellor on the design and implementation of a new resource allocation model for the University. The Committee will advise through providing recommendations on items including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The guiding principles and processes for resource allocation.
  • Methods of covering overhead costs.
  • Key metrics that could be used in the allocation process with an eye to creating unit level incentives for moving the whole University forward.
  • How an allocation model can allow for resources to be accumulated for central strategic investment.
  • Best practice for handling of carry forward balances once the allocation model is in place.


An important aspect of building our University for the future is testing concepts, sharing data and information, and having dialogue about our options for moving forward. In the last two years we have had several teams/committees/councils tasked with discussing where we are going as a University and how we are going to get there. With recent changes in leadership and conditions on our campus it is important that we regroup together in meaningful ways to put ourselves to the work of moving the University forward.

We have officially put on hold the work of the Mizzou 2020 (MUSOP) committee, the Budget Allocation Advisory Council, and the Looking to 200 committee. We are launching the Resource Allocation Model Committee to take up the tasks of exploring how to make the overall best investments with the precious financial resources we have at our disposal. At the same time we will launch structures to look at enrollment and capital financing.

Some of our objectives in setting this committee to work include:

  • Promoting transparency, trust and engagement in the overall decision making processes that create the University of the future.
  • Assure financial responsibility, accountability and fairness.
  • Enable innovation, creativity and change.
  • Enable future rapid responses to opportunities.

Committee Members