Promotion for Non-Tenure Track Faculty

See Collected Rule 310.035 for complete information on non-tenure-track faculty promotion.

Due date from dean’s office to provost’s office for ranked, non-tenure track faculty promotions: March first each year, or closest business day (next due date Monday, March 2, 2020). Please deliver to Brenda Cook in 116 Jesse Hall.

Letter from Provost

Dossier Outline

Inside front cover

Please both number and name dossier tabs

Tab I: Appointment Folder

  • Initial letter of appointment

Tab II: Departmental Summary Letters and Recommendations

  • Department promotion and tenure committee summary, evaluation and recommendation
  • Department summary of procedures used in review and appeals, all formal votes (before and after appeals)
  • Chair/division director summary letter and recommendation

Tab III: College/School summary Letters and Recommendations

  • College/school promotion and tenure committee summary, evaluation and recommendation
  • College/school summary of procedures used in review and appeals, all formal votes (before and after appeals)
  • Dean’s summary letter and recommendation

Tab IV: CV (no more than 25 pages)

Tab V: Summary of Accomplishments

  • Clear summary of accomplishments in area(s) of appointment, which provide evidence of demonstrated effective and sustained achievement in the candidate’s assigned area(s) of responsibility, evidence of excellence and potential for continued growth. The candidate should follow school/college guidelines on items to include in Tab V
  • Refer to the Tenure-track Call Letter for applications for promotion and/or tenure for details on the type of information that is applicable to demonstrate excellence in teaching, research and service areas
  • Peer evaluations (no more than four peer evaluation letters) for the area(s) being reviewed

Tab VI: External Reviews

Include only if required by divisional guidelines

  • Procedure for Selection of Outside Reviewers form includes brief descriptions of background, contributions and current positions of external reviewers, relationship to candidate, reasons any outside reviewers did not respond
  • Peer evaluations (number to include is dependent on divisional guidelines)

Tab VII: Departmental and Divisional Guidelines

  • Guidelines with criteria for each level/rank outlined