Presentation of Dossiers

Presentation of Promotions & Tenure Dossiers 2018-2019

(See P&T Call Document for more explanation on some items)

The candidate's curriculum vita (CV) is the central document of the dossier. Materials will be added in front of it defining the appointment and evaluating the performance. The folders after the CV allow the candidate and the department to expand and explain specific areas being evaluated.

Please use both Roman numerals and names for folders (tabs).

Try to limit materials to about 25-30 pages, not including CV.

Separate Files

These are the first three documents in the dossier. (Inside front cover of paper copy and in separate files in electronic format)

(Separately tabbed in paper copy and in separate folders in the electronic format)

  • I Appointment: Initial letter of appointment, mid-term review, approval letter for extension of probationary period for tenure (if applicable), post-tenure review letters (if applicable). (See Call Document section IV, Tab I/Folder I. 1-4)
  • II Unit Procedures and Recommendation Letters (Department): Departmental procedures, guidelines, recommendation letter and votes from departmental promotion and tenure committee, recommendation letter from chair, collected comments from tenured faculty of the unit, recommendation letter from division director (if applicable), handouts, report of the process, votes, issues from any appeal/rebuttal meetings, letters regarding joint, core faculty, or courtesy appointments (see Call Document section IV, Tab II/Folder II.A. 1-6 and Tab II/Folder II.B.)
  • III College/School Recommendation Letters and Procedural Summaries (College/School): College/School committee letters, recommendations, summary of procedures, votes; handouts, report of the process, votes, issues from any appeal/rebuttal meetings, dean’s letter (see Call Document section IV, Tab III/Folder III. 1-2)
  • IV CV: CV (not to exceed 25 pages) (see Call Document, Section IV, Tab IV/Folder IV)
  • V Teaching/Scholarship of Teaching: (see Call Document section IV, Tab V/Folder V.1-6)
  • VI Research/Scholarship: (see Call Document section IV, Tab VI/Folder VI. 1-3)
  • VII External Reviews: Each letter in a separate file (see Call Document section IV, Tab VII/Folder VII. 1-7)
  • VIII Service and/or Administration: (see Call Document section IV, Tab VIII/Folder VIII. 1-2)