Procedure for Submission of Dossier: Paper and Electronic Copies

Due date from dean’s office to provost’s office: December first each year, or closest business day (next due date Tuesday, December 1, 2020).

Note: Contact appropriate department and/or dean’s office for due dates at those levels.

Deliver paper dossiers to: Brenda Cook, 116 Jesse Hall. Instructions for delivery of electronic dossiers will be sent to designated P&T coordinators in each school/college.

Please submit one original paper copy dossier for faculty in your school/college with the tabs indicated in the call document. In addition, submit all dossier materials in electronic format. Instructions for both procedures are provided below:

Paper copy of Dossier

The original paper copy of the dossier should be in a sturdy, pressboard binder. Three- or multi-ring binders or spring clip-type binders are not acceptable. The acceptable style of binder has a flat metal piece that fits over two metal prongs on the left side (pressboard report binders with fasteners). Tabs, using the categories/names specified, should be used to separate the sections in the dossier. Please do not deviate from those names. The Roman numeral and name of the section should be included on each tab. Documents must be in upright, portrait mode, and printed on only one side.

On the front of the dossier binder, please place a label that includes the following information:

  • School/College
  • Department or Unit
  • Recommendation (e.g. Promote to Associate Professor and Award Tenure)

The following three forms should be included as the first pages of the dossier:

See Page 1 of the call document for a complete list of forms and sample forms available on the web.

Electronic Submission of Dossier

The submission of all dossier materials should be in electronic format, scanned into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Adobe Acrobat 8, 9, or 10 Professional are the versions preferred. Your IT technician can assist in obtaining one of these versions for you.

Quality of Scanned Documents

The scan should be of a high enough quality so the document is readable, but not so high a quality that the document is large in size. Please scan at 300 dpi with OCR (optical character recognition). Please be sure documents are readable before they are submitted to the provost’s office.

Electronic Folders

Each candidate’s dossier should be in a separate electronic folder with the name of the candidate on the label: “candidate last name-dossier.”

Sample: Jones Dossier

The Recommendation Signature page and the Appointment History are stored as individual documents, along with with the eight folders. The eightfolders should be labeled as follows:

  • I      Appointment
  • II     Unit Procedures and Recommendation Letters (Department)
  • III    College/School Recommendation Letters and Procedural Summaries (College/School)
  • IV    CV
  • V     Teaching/Scholarship of Teaching
  • VI     Research/Scholarship
  • VII    External Reviews (in electronic dossier, use a separate file for each letter in the format outlined in the Visual Guide to Electronic Folder Arrangement)
  • VIII   Service and/or Administration

Please use the following document as a visual guide for correctly arranging materials electronically in each subfolder: Visual Guide.

Presentation of Promotion and Tenure Dossiers also may be used in determining the files to be included in each subfolder and the placement order. Please do not deviate from the placement order or the folder names provided.

Important to remember:

  • Scan documents after all signatures and votes have been added.
  • Be sure to scan all documents in the dossier, except divider pages.