Academic Program Assessment Schedule

College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Agricultural and Applied Economics Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20142019
Agriculture Bachelors20172022
Agriculture Education and Leadership Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20122019
Agriculture Systems Management Bachelors20192024
Animal Science Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20162020
Biochemistry Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20162021
Biological Engineering Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Division of Applied and Social Sciences Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Food Science Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate20192024
Hospitality Management Bachelors, Online, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Plant Sciences Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
Rural Sociology Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate20142019
School of Natural Resources Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023
Science and Agriculture Journalism Bachelors20132019

College of Arts and Science

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Ancient Mediterranean Studies Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Anthropology Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20172022
Art Bachelors, Masters20152020
Art History and Archaeology Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20172022
Black Studies Bachelors20172022
Chemistry Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20132020
Classical Studies Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20142019
Communications Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023
Division of Biological Sciences Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20172022
Economics Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
English Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Film Studies Bachelors20152020
Geography Bachelors, Masters, Graduate Certificate20162021
Geological Sciences Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023
German and Russian Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
H S Truman School of Pub Affrs Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate20132019
Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs Masters, Professional, Graduate Certificate20192024
History Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Linguistics Bachelors20152020
Mathematics Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023
Philosophy Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023
Physics and Astronomy Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023
Political Science Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
Psychological Sciences Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20162021
Religious Studies Bachelors, Masters20152020
Romance Languages Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
School of Music Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
Sociology Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20172022
Statistics Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Theatre Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20162021
Women's and Gender Studies Bachelors20152020

Trulaske College of Business

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Business Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023

College of Education

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Educational, School and Counseling Psychology Bachelors, Online, Masters, Doctoral20152020
Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate20152020
Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
School of Information Science & Learning Technologies Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152022
Special Education Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020

College of Engineering

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Chemical Engineering Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Civil and Environmental Engineering Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Computer Sciences Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20122019
Electrical and Computer Engineering Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024

Graduate Studies

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Genetics Area Program Doctoral20162021
Public Health Masters, Graduate Certificate20162021

College of Human Environmental Sciences

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Architectural Studies Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Human Devl & Family Studies Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024
Personal Financial Planning Bachelors, Online, Masters, Graduate Certificate20192024
School of Social Work Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Certificate20122021
Textile and Apparel Management Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024

School of Health Professions

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Cardiopulmonary and Diagnostic Sciences Bachelors, Online20132020
Clinical Laboratory Science Bachelors, Certificate20132020
Communication Science and Disorders Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20152020
Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Bachelors, Masters20152020
Health Psychology Bachelors20192024
Health Sciences Bachelors20182023
Nuclear Medicine Bachelors, Certificate20132020
Occupational Therapy Bachelors, Masters20192024
Physical Therapy Doctoral20182023
Radiography Bachelors, Graduate Certificate20132020
Respiratory Therapy Bachelors, Graduate Certificate20122020

Missouri School of Journalism

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
School of Journalism Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20172022

School of Law

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
School of Law Professional20122021

School of Medicine

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
Health Management and Informatics Masters20152020
Medical Pharmacology & Physiology Masters, Doctoral20162021
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology Masters20162021
Neurology Masters, Doctoral20162021
Pathology & Anatomical Sciences Masters20162021

Sinclair School of Nursing

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
School of Nursing Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20182023

College of Veterinary Medicine

DepartmentDegree(s)Last AssessmentNext Assessment
College of Veterinary Medicine Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral20192024