Annual Reviews in myVITA

Annual Reviews for Faculty

All tenured, tenure-track, and ranked non-tenure-track are being evaluated in myVITA. Below are instructions for being evaluated in myVITA. Different guidelines and forms may be utilized by different colleges. 

The first step is for faculty to review and enter information into the Profile and Activities section of myVITA for the period for which they are being evaluated. This time period may also differ by college. Please see the table below for timelines and windows for which faculty will be evaluated for annual review. As the annual review processes are confirmed for each school or college, the information will be added to the interactive tool below.

Faculty are primarily responsible for the steps highlighted by the ORANGE bars. 

Evaluation Steps and Forms

Additional information about the evaluation steps and PDF versions of the evaluation forms are provided below.

Important Note: Save, Save, Save

Please be sure to save any work you have done before moving to a new activity, leaving a form, or closing out of myVITA. The SAVE button is at the bottom of activity records, self-report forms, and all sections where faculty can update data in myVITA. You may need to enter information into a few required fields before you can save and leave a form. We built in as few of these as possible. 

MU Activity Report

The MU Activity Report is the listing of the activities that are in myVITA for a certain time period for each individual faculty member. To run an MU Acitivity Report:

  1. Select Vitas & Biosketches on left-hand menu.
  2. Select the eye symbol next to MU Activity Report.
  3. Select the time period for which you will be evaluated (please see Window of Activities for your unit above).Select Refresh Report.
  4. To export, select the Word document, switch to landscape orientation and narrow margins.
  5. Go into myVITA > Activities and add all activities that you do not find on the MU Activity Report that should be included. Also, update the end semester or remove activities that are on the MU Activity Report that should not be included.

View and Print MU Activity Report 

Sample MU Activity Report:

1) MU Activity Report 

Faculty Self-Report

The Faculty Self-Report provides a faculty member with the opportunity to provide context around the activities that are listed on the MU Activity Report. The following document explains how a faculty member will access their self-report. The document goes on to explain how an evaluator will access the self-report for faculty members they are evaluating.

     myVITA Evaluation Overview

Sample Faculty Self-Report:

2) Faculty Self-Report

Chair or Director Evaluations by School or College

     Arts & Science

     3) Arts and Science Chair Evaluation

     Engineering and Education

     3) Chair Evaluation

 4) Workload Distribution

 5) Chair Amendment

6) Faculty Confirmation of Evaluation

Demonstration of Annual Review in myVITA for Faculty and Chairs

For questions about myVITA, please contact: 

Matthew MartensDr. Kathy Schmidtke Felts
Associate Director of Institutional Research and Quality Improvement
114 Jesse Hall