COACHE Implementation Progress

  • Interim Chancellor Stokes has shared the COACHE results and task force analysis and recommendations with MU faculty.
  • Two liaisons have been appointed who will oversee the COACHE implementation and communication processes in the upcoming months: Anna Ball, Faculty Fellow for Faculty Development in the Office of the Provost, and William Wiebold, incoming Faculty Council Chair. 
  • Deans have been asked to share their colleges’ results with their faculty and work with them to develop 2-3 goals for addressing concerns raised in the survey.
  • An ad-hoc task force chaired by Wilson Freyermuth has worked diligently this academic year to develop best practices around shared governance. A final report is expected in the near future. 
  • A tool that assists with salary equity has recently been enhanced. It will help ensure compensation is fair across discipline, title and demographic groups. 
  • The Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity is implementing a number of initiatives designed to provide mentoring opportunities, increase workplace equity, and develop a more inclusive campus.
  • Interim Chancellor Stokes met with the Non-Tenure Track Committee to discuss solutions to issues raised by NTT faculty.