Extension & Engagement Week 2022

Between October 10-14, all of us at Mizzou will celebrate Extension and Engagement Week. As always, the activities planned by Vice Chancellor Marshall Stewart and his team are informative, educational and fun. And this year’s theme is something we can all relate to: All Things Food. While the week reinforces MU’s commitment to our land grant mission, the work you all do to serve our state and our citizens happens every day and in every college, school and division.

Importantly, collaborations both within MU and across the state empower this work. Recently we applauded Dr. Rob Myers of CAFNR who received a $25M+ grant award for climate smart commodities. As Dr. Myers notes, his work would be impossible without his network of external stakeholders, who enable his work by sharing input and resources. Dr. Myers notes:

“Growing up on a farm, I’ve seen firsthand challenges that can arise from extreme weather, whether it’s flooding from excessive rain or drought from not enough rain,…Climate change ultimately impacts our food production and food prices, so our goal is to help farmers with different practices that will make their farms more resilient.”

Another example of work that matters to our state is the research led by Dr. Patrick Westhoff. As director of the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) and Cowden Professor, Dr. Westhoff’s research examines the impact of farm legislation that informs policy making related to trade agreements, technology, and through these channels, the economy of our state and nation.

As part of Extension & Engagement Week, I want to celebrate some of the extraordinary people, programs, and research at MU that support our land grant mission:

Needless to say, there are many more examples of the work by MU’s faculty, staff, and students that make our land grant mission come alive. Mark your calendars, and join us for MU Extension and Engagement Week, so we can collectively reaffirm our commitment to serve, to make a difference, and to change lives for Missourians.

Please join us for events throughout the week of Oct. 10th to learn more about these and other essential parts of our Extension programs.