External Awards Support

The Provost’s Office is dedicated to helping faculty find, apply for, and receive external awards. We have resources to help you search for awards; regular webinar events that highlight past winners of certain awards and best practices for how to apply for them; a course-release program to help you apply for an award that is designated as “Highly Prestigious” by the AAU; and a monetary award for faculty who receive “Highly Prestigious” awards.

We have a team of people ready to help you as you need it. Please reach out to any of us with any questions:

Alexandra Socarides, Associate Provost for Academic programs, socaridesa@missouri.edu

Jackie Beary, Project Coordinator, BearyJ@missouri.edu

David Crespy, Faculty Fellow for External Awards (Arts & Humanities), CrespyD@missouri.edu

Bill Horner, Faculty Fellow for External Awards (Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Journalism), HornerWT@missouri.edu

Bill Stich, Faculty Fellow for External Awards (VetMed & CAFNR), roger.w.stich@missouri.edu

Searching for External Awards

There are two main ways to search for the almost-18K external awards in the database:

1) Go through “Faculty Insights,” which located here: https://insight.discovery.academicanalytics.com/missouri/browseawards

You can use the various drop-down menus to expand of limit your search. If you want to see what awards you match best for, click “My Profile” and “Suggested Awards.”

2) Use the Tableau at the bottom of this page, using the sorting tabs on the right-hand side to help narrow your search.

Webinar Events

Feb. 23, 2022: National Endowment for the Humanities

Watch the Video here: NEH Fellowship_default.mp4

March 23, 2022: Fulbright Awards

See News Story here: https://provost.missouri.edu/fulbright-scholar-programs/)

April 27, 2022: AAAS Fellows

Register here: https://umsystem.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEtce-prjIvHdL2L2cO_WiAwzDgPoU_BzrW

Provost Highly Prestigious Awards Support Program

Faculty who are in a strong position to apply for a “highly prestigious” award (as defined by the AAU) can apply for teaching release for one course in order to prepare this application. (Only faculty who are preparing their own awards application – not nomination packets for another faculty member – are eligible for this program.)

Applicants should submit a cover letter (indicating their eligibility for the award and timeline for award submission) and a CV to MUProvost@missouri.edu with subject line “Provost Highly Prestigious Awards Support Program” by April 4 (for teaching release in fall) or September 1 (for teaching release in spring). A short letter from the applicant’s department chair, which assesses the applicant’s potential for success and guarantees the award application submission, should be sent to the email address above. 

If granted, the Provost’s Office will provide the department with $7,500 per course for teaching replacement.

Monetary Award

Beginning in 2022, faculty who receive a “Highly Prestigious” award, will also receive 10K from the University in recognition of this achievement.