COVID-19 Weekly Update (8/6)

Aug. 10, 2020

(This message was originally sent on August 6, 2020. It is being published here for preservation.)

Dear Department Chairs, Associate Deans, Deans, Vice-Chancellors and colleagues:

Fall Schedule

The Registrar’s office has finished the bulk of the work on the fall semester schedule. We appreciate your patience and flexibility while they did this important work. Chairs should let their faculty know that they can check their schedules on myZou to see what has been changed. If faculty get inquiries from students who want to make changes, they should instruct them to make an appointment with their advisors. Faculty should continue to work with their chair if new changes or issues arise.

Video on COVID Research

Last week at the Chairs meeting, several of our scientists gave a presentation on the science of COVID. Click here for a link to that video. We encourage you to share with faculty and staff as you see fit.  Please also route any questions they have back to our office.

Mandatory Show Me Renewal Training

Launching this week is mandatory training for a safe return to campus.  Everyone is expected to take personal responsibility in following safety protocols. All students will be required to take a training module via Canvas that is tailored to Show Me Renewal messaging and links to important campus resources. Students must complete the training before the semester starts (August 24), and failure to complete this training may lead to disciplinary action. Faculty can help by reinforcing the importance of Tigers Helping Tigers as they begin to communicate with students before the semester begins. They should remind students to take the short training module before they arrive. Faculty, staff and students employed by the university (excluding MU Health Care employees) will take the systemwide employee training via myLearn. More information on that training is available here.

Show Me Renewal Website

As a reminder, the latest information, frequently asked questions, and resources for students, faculty and staff will be posted on the Show Me Renewal website. To help keep everyone aware of the latest additions to the site, please check the Updates section. Under the Website Changes and Updates, you can see what has recently been added to the website. The latest information for faculty will be under the Resources for Faculty on the faculty page.

Telework Arrangements for Faculty and Staff

The email sent out today from Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer, Patty Haberberger, explains arrangements and schedules for those who will be doing some or all of their work remotely this fall. Flexibility will be essential to determining how each employee will carry out their work. Chairs should work with their faculty and staff to decide if an employee’s physical presence is required to perform their job. If it is determined that an employee’s physical presence on campus is not required each workday and that they can fulfill their responsibilities from a remote location on some days, you can work together to build a telework arrangement. Please remember that an employee with an underlying health condition who is at a higher risk due to COVID-19 may also request ADA reasonable accommodations. An employee can start this request process with their campus human resources professional.

Guidance for Faculty Regarding Students and Face Coverings

The following are the steps that faculty should take if a student comes to class without a face covering:

Step 1 – Request the student wear a face covering.
If the student doesn’t have one, go to

Step 2 – Offer a face covering.

If student refuses, go to

Step 3 – Remind the student of university policy and expectations.

If they still do not comply, go to

Step 4 – Ask the student to leave the class.
If student doesn’t leave, go to

Step 5 – Inform the student of consequences for failure to comply (this could include suspension or expulsion).

If above steps do not work, go to the final

Step 6 – Cancel the class and report the student to the Office for Student Accountability. Sanctions could include suspension or expulsion from the university.

Professional Development Opportunity

The University of Missouri System is able to offer 120 faculty members the opportunity to enroll in ACUE’s program in Effective Online Teaching Practices and Effective Teaching Practices. This 25-module online course prepares faculty in evidence-based teaching practices proven through independently-validated research to improve student achievement and close equity gaps. MU course-takers will become members of a 30-person peer cohort and have access to course facilitators in association with the Teaching for Learning Center. Faculty who complete the program earn a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction, the only college teaching credential endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE).  The ACUE curriculum is appropriate for all faculty who teach and in any discipline.

This opportunity is offered at no cost to you or your department. Faculty who complete the course will receive a $1,000 stipend.  If you are interested in learning more, you can watch a video of the June webinar here Click the link below to view the webinar (View Zoom Webinar), visit, or visit UM System Scaling Instructional Excellence website. We have a limited number of seats available! Interested faculty are encouraged to apply by August 28, 2020.  You may click here to complete the application. Please contact Kelly Holtkamp, Program Coordinator in the Teaching for Learning Center for more information.

Teaching for Learning Center Updates

In case you missed these, you can watch these prerecorded sessions.

Guiding Principles for Crafting Your Accommodation Plans for Students Who Might Shift from In-person to Remote Learning

Watch the recorded session (56 minutes) here.

Tips for Classroom Management: Navigating Difficult Situations Throughout the Year, Specifically During a Pandemic

During this presentation, participants will learn about university policies and processes to hold students accountable if they do not follow university guidelines and expectations. Whether the disruption is COVID-related or other misconduct or mental health concerns, this presentation will walk through the steps to take to ensure a safe and productive learning environment.

Watch the recorded session (58 minutes) here.

As we get closer to the start of the semester, please send questions/comments/input you have that will improve our preparation plans.  Thank you for your leadership during challenging times.


Latha Ramchand