COVID-19 Weekly Update (10/29)

Oct. 30, 2020

Dear Department Chairs, Associate Deans, Deans, Vice-Chancellors and colleagues:

As we near the end of the tenth week of the Fall semester, we have fewer updates to share, thanks to the work that you have led.

Our updates for this week are shown below:

#CampusClear app

The university is checking #CampusClear apps with health monitoring stations at Ellis Library, MizzouRec, and, beginning Nov. 2, the Student Center.  For more information on the app and health screening locations, visit the #CampusClear information page. Please remember to download it before entering these buildings, and encourage students to do the same so there won’t be a delay.

Voting Resources

As a reminder and as we approach November 3, 2020, election day, we encourage everyone to vote.  The Associated Students of the University of Missouri (ASUM) has requested faculty to allow students the time they need to exercise their civic duty of voting and serving as poll workers. Please encourage faculty in your departments and colleges to do the same.  Also note that Student Affairs sent an email to students this week with voting resources. This year, all registered voters in Boone County can vote at Mizzou Arena. Check the list of Acceptable IDs to Vote before you go.


Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, we are constantly reminded that we can make our time more meaningful when we connect what we do to the students we serve. I want to offer applause and kudos to the organizers of the  MARC/IMSD ABRCMS Virtual Draft Poster Session 2020. This session is open for viewing and will stay open till 6 pm today (October 29, 2020). If you are not familiar with this program it is worth knowing about. Started in 2012, the annual poster session is hosted by the faculty and staff as part of the Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC) / Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) program. The goal of this initiative is to increase research participation of students from underrepresented groups, specifically in the biomedical sciences. I note that faculty participation in the poster session and their feedback helps students improve their work and allows them to compete nationally. It is hence, no wonder that since inception the program has had 19 students receive national recognition for their poster at ABRCMS. While the virtual format for this year’s poster session is unusual, the use of CANVAS has allowed us to see and read the input and discussion threads.

Congratulations to all 18 participants for their work and to the faculty and staff whose input will undoubtedly help our students succeed. Shown below is the list of 2020 participants and their faculty mentors. Congratulations to our students and gratitude to our faculty mentors – your work matters and we are grateful to every one of you.

Zayd Al Rawi (Jr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Chris Lorson / Biological Sciences)

Brendan Ball (Jr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Habib Zaghouani / Molecular Microbiology & Immunology)

Alex Becks (Jr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Anand Chandrasekhar / Biological Sciences)

De’anne Donnell (Jr. Nutrition & Exercise Physiology – Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth King / Biological Sciences)

Esiri Emeje (Sr. Psychological Sciences – Faculty Mentor:  Brad Ferguson / Psychological Sciences)

Elyse Frazier (Jr. Health Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Victoria Vieira-Potter / Nutrition & Exercise Physiology)

Jessica Garcia (Sr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Manuel Leal / Biological Sciences)

Clayton Ivie (Jr. Nutrition & Exercise Physiology – Faculty Mentor: Jacqueline Limberg / Nutrition & Exercise Physiology)

Andrew Jones (Sr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Elizabeth King / Biological Sciences)

Benjamin Jones (Sr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Erika Boerman / Medical Pharmacology & Physiology)

Dominique Joseph (Sr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Charlotte Phillips / Biochemistry)

Cristian Keegan-Caro (Sr. Microbiology – Faculty Mentor:  Deborah Anderson / Veterinary Pathobiology)

Iman Lloyd (Jr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor:  Jacqueline Limberg / Nutrition & Exercise Physiology)

Amara Mason (Jr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor: Pamela Brown / Biological Sciences)

Jordyn Moaton (Sr. Biological Sciences & Chemistry – Faculty Mentor:  Elizabeth King / Biological Sciences)

Alisha Perry (Sr. Biological Sciences – Faculty Mentor:  Elizabeth Parks / Nutrition & Exercise Physiology)

Donia Shawn (Jr. Biological Sciences & Psychological Sciences – Iris Zachary / Health Management & Informatics)

Alisa Sivapiromrat (So. Biological Sciences & Economics – Faculty Mentor:  Aaron Stoker / Orthopaedic Surgery)

Finally, as you know we recently moved to holding our campus-wide meeting for Chairs (Thursdays at 10 am) to every other week instead of every week. Our weekly Office Hours will continue on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Thank you to all of the chairs who have been showing up every week since March!  On the weeks when we don’t have a meeting, I will send this “Update,” (updates every other week as opposed to every week) so as to keep you informed about issues, developments, and changes. As always, we aim to offer you information and to answer your questions in a timely way, especially in these uncertain times.

Thank you for all you do and take care of yourself.


Latha Ramchand