C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship

(Intercampus Competition)


The C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship Award recognizes a University of Missouri faculty member who demonstrates commitment, dedication and effectiveness in advancing the land-grant mission through extension, international education, and agricultural economics programs. The fellowship is presented to a faculty member who personifies the creativity, vision and leadership exhibited by the late Dr. C. Brice Ratchford, president emeritus of the University of Missouri and dean of cooperative extension. The annual award is funded from a permanent endowment created with contributions from the Ratchford family and from numerous colleagues, friends and organizations in recognition of Dr. Ratchford’s memory.


Nomination materials should include:

1.  Nomination/Cover Letter

  • The cover letter must have a clear indication of the relationship between the nominee’s work and Dr. Ratchford’s commitment to the land-grant mission.  Candidates for this award represent the highest standards of performance in one of the following fields: extension, international education or agricultural economics.

2.  Supporting letters (limited to 10)

3.  Nominee’s curriculum vitae (or resume)


The award is in the amount of $4,000, less applicable taxes.


The nominee must be a faculty member with the University of Missouri. Nominations may be submitted for any University of Missouri faculty member, based on or off-campus, active or emeritus, whose accomplishments exemplify Dr. Ratchford’s commitment to advancing the land-grant mission through extension, international education or agricultural economics programs. Nominations may be made by any member of the university community.


The Ratchford Fellow is named by the University of Missouri Board of Curators based upon recommendation by the president. The president is advised by a panel, which includes representatives from the University of Missouri System campuses and off-campus faculty and Missouri citizens. The panel is chaired by MU’s vice chancellor for extension and engagement. The C. Brice Ratchford Memorial Fellowship is presented at a meeting of the board of curators.


Deadline: March 1, 2019

Nominations and supporting materials (one hard copy and one electronic copy) must be submitted to:

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Extension and Engagement
108 Whitten Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

Electronic copy to Kimberly Foley at foleyk@missouri.edu

Past Recipients

2018 Randall Smith, Professor of Journalism, MU
2017 David E. Baker, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean Emeritus, CAFNR, MU Extension
2016 Scott Brown, Assistant Extension Professor of Agricultural & Applied Economics
2015 Frederick (Fritz) Cropp IV, Journalism
2014 David J. Patterson, Professor of Animal Sciences and State Extension Beef Specialist
2013 Jerry W. Valentine, Professor Emeritus, Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, MU
2012 Carl Calkins, Director of Institute for Human Development, UMKC
2011 Robert L. Kallenbach, Professor, Plant Sciences, MU
2010 A. Curtis Elmore, Associate Professor of Geological Sciences & Engineering
2009 Ronald Turner, Executive Vice President & Director of Extension Emeritus, UM System
2008 George J. McCall, Professor Emeritus, Sociology, UMSL
2007 E. Terrence (Terry) Jones, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Administration, UMSL
2006 Don Day, Natural Resource Engineer & Co-County Program Director, Boone County, University of Missouri Extension
2005 Bette A. Loiselle, Associate Professor of Biology and Director for the International Center of Tropical Ecology, UMSL
2004 Gerald Hitzhusen, MU Associate Professor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism and Recreation Specialist, University of Missouri Extension
2003 Kay Gasen, Urban Program Leader, UMSL
2002 Glen Easter, Northwest Regional Director, University of Missouri Extension
2001 Cassy Dierking Venters, Evaluation Coordinator, Business Development Program, University of Missouri Extension
2000 Michael L. Cook, Professor of Agricultural Economics, MU
1999 Daryl Hobbs, MU Professor Emeritus, Rural Sociology and Retired Director, Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri Extension