Office of the Provost, University of Missouri

I am happy to announce that a Task Force on Academic Program Analysis, Enhancement, and Opportunities has been formed. The current critical challenges related to budget and enrollment provide the University of Missouri with the opportunity to make strategic decisions that will define MU’s overall future direction in the coming years. I have formed the Task Force as part of this process and have asked its members to take a leadership role in helping us determine how we will meet these challenges.

I have charged the Task Force with conducting a top-to-bottom analysis of all of our academic programs, eventually making recommendations regarding areas of future investment, potential consolidations, and in some cases, program discontinuance. The group will first prepare an initial report, due September 1, that will focus on synthesizing relevant data, identifying principles, guidelines, and metrics that will inform additional discussions regarding our academic programs, and determining strategies to facilitate engagement with faculty, staff, and students across campus. The next phase will encompass the bulk of the fall semester. During this phase, Task Force members will engage extensively with the campus community in gathering additional data, input, feedback, and recommendations regarding our academic programs. Finally, the Task Force will prepare a final report, due January 15, that will provide more specific recommendations regarding MU’s academic programs.

I want to thank all of the Task Force members who have agreed to serve. The Task Force is Co-chaired by Dr. Cooper Drury and Dr. Matthew Martens; its membership can be found here, and its guiding principles and timeline can be found here. This will be a time intensive process, but one that is important in defining the future direction of our university.

The Task Force will be actively engaging with all facets of the campus community, and I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities to provide them with feedback and input. They have already begun meeting, and I look forward to hearing their ideas and insights throughout this process.


Garnett S. Stokes
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost, 110 Jesse Hall, 573-882-6596
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