Template for Program Assessment Annual Update

As part of the Program Assessment Cycle, programs are to provide an annual update to the Provost’s office regarding their progress, successes and challenges. The following template can be used to provide this update. Suggested length of the annual update is one page, with a maximum of two pages.

Part 1:

Identify noteworthy accomplishmentsthe program has achieved in the past year

Part 2:

Review progresstoward goals and strategies identified in the Program Assessment report, including unanticipated challenges toward achieving program goals. Also note any changes in program goals and strategies and, where appropriate, their impact on student learning.

Part 3:

Briefly note how you are collecting data to assess and/or improve your student learning objectives. This information is critical to our institutional accreditation process.

[Updated 8/24/17] 

For questions about academic or center program assessments, please contact: 

Matthew MartensDr. Matthew Martens
Faculty Fellow for Academic Programs
203 Jesse Hall