Call for Interdisciplinary Research Proposals

Feb. 16, 2017


University of Missouri faculty members study some of society’s most pressing issues, including human and animal health, food production and supply, media and technology, sustainable energy and more. External funding is often essential to supporting research that solves real-world problems in Missouri and beyond.

In an effort to continue supporting MU researchers in attracting federal funding and larger grants—as well as to discover and disseminate knowledge as part of our land-grant mission—I am pleased to announce a new call for interdisciplinary research proposals. As part of a broader initiative to streamline and align campus operations, the Mizzou Advantage and the Office of Research have formed a partnership. Grants will be funded and organized by the Mizzou Advantage initiative and evaluated by the Office of Research’s Research Council.

Proposals are open to any MU researcher. They must address a topic in one of the Mizzou Advantage areas and the lead P.I. must be a tenured, tenure-track or ranked non-tenure track faculty at the level of Assistant Professor or above. Visit the Mizzou Advantage website for full guidelines and Mizzou Advantage facilitator contact information.

Having the right collaborators and financial support in place stimulates research outcomes and quickly brings them to the forefront. In times of fiscal challenge—as well as in times of prosperity—we need to invest in our strategic initiatives and in the work of our faculty. I am confident research funding is a sound investment, one that will have an impact on our campus, our state and citizens around the globe. I look forward to seeing the results of your submissions.


Garnett S. Stokes
Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor
for Academic Affairs